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Invictus - Doing our part for the Community



Invictus Gymnastics Club is a welcoming, friendly and inclusive gymnastics club that truly believe that every individual can achieve their target goals through gymnastics; an exciting, diverse, energetic and worthy sport that is growing rapidly around the world! Invictus is dedicated team, who work tirelessly to create exciting opportunities for all that are associated with the club.

Invictus Gymnastics Club is committed to serving the community and making our exciting sport accessible to as many people as possible.  

Schools Gymnastics :
On a weekly basis we work with a local school, reaching participants who do not always, have the opportunity to attend club sessions. We provide weekly morning club sessions for all primary year groups at a reduced rate.

Community Gymnastics:
We provide funded places within sessions for underrepresented groups. The costs of which are funded through the club as part of our giving back to the community projects.


Supporting Community Groups:

We support a local card group, Crafty Cards, in Chineham. This group was formed by two ladies, to encourage an environment for individuals with a common interest. These lovely ladies meet every fortnight to create cards and to share ideas in a friendly and inclusive space. The group enjoy supporting the British heart Foundation and St Michael's Hospice, by selling their cards and donating the proceeds to the charities. They of course enjoy a good cup of tea, a piece of cake and a friendly chat too.

Prizes and Vouchers:
We support several other charities, schools and groups with their fundraising efforts by providing vouchers and prizes.


Please let us know if you know of anyone we could potentially  assist.

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