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Squad Opportunities


We also offer a competitive route, if a gymnast shows promise. This may not only be reflected in their skills, but more so in their drive and work ethic. We believe that a gymnast is made up of many parts, physical ability, mental strength, passion and drive for the sport and their teammates.

There is much to consider, when considering taking up this opportunity:

  • Commitment

  • Time

  • Cost


This benefits that this can bring to a young gymnast are immense.

  • Team Work

  • Dedication

  • Discipline


Gymnasts are selected on an invitation only basis and are afforded a trial period. The trial period will benefit both the gym and the gymnasts. This gives both parties the opportunity to opt out, should they wish. Should they wish to commit and join the squad, a commitment contract would be signed and discussed.


There will also be opportunities throughout the year, for gymnasts to participate in competitions. There are various levels and types of competitions in and the coaches will determine which competition will be best suited to each gymnast, based on their ability.

Competitions are not compulsory and we don’t pressurize gymnasts in any way. Participation is at the choice of each individual. There are other opportunities throughout the year to display their work, such as annual displays and Awards presentations.

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