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British Gymnastics Insurance 2020-2021


Your son or daughter will be required to become a member of British Gymnastics, this provides your child with their own personal insurance. If your child is a current member of British Gymnastics, you will need to renew your child’s membership through the same process. If you have joined us from another club, you will need to change your club preference to Invictus Gymnastics Club. This must be completed before the gymnast can take part in sessions.

This step can be completed by using the link below to visit the British Gymnastics website:


Please complete in your child’s name. Follow the instructions on the page.


This process will involve completing the relevant details for your child and providing your consent to being contact by British Gymnastics which can choose to either opt in or out of.

You will need to select the level of membership for your child which is as follows:


Information needed to complete your registration:

Name of club - Invictus Gymnastics Club

Payment - Pay the membership fee

Name of member - Your child's name

Type of Gymnastics- TeamGym

Membership types - Gymnast (This applies to all recreational and squad gymnasts) -

Pre-school (This applies to all recreational gymnasts who are 3yrs)


Please contact Kelly, should you need any assistance..

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