A note from Lisa Souter:

"Hi there, I'm Lisa Souter and I run Horizon Gymnastics. Over the years gymnasts and coaches come and go, but the ethos has always remained the same... each gymnast/coach is unique, they must always be at the centre of their learning and their learning outcomes will define who they become in the future.

We all learn differently, we all need to feel safe & secure to learn & we all make mistakes, big or small you own it, you learn from it and you make yourself the very best version of you when moving forwards.

I have always believed in collaboration with others, it enables others around you to grow in their development and yourself to grow as more opportunities are presented. Dreamwork is Team Work, so having close links with Invictus works well for both clubs. There is a clear development pathway for Invictus gymnasts reaching towards competitive TeamGym and there are more opportunities for our combined gymnasts to support one another at competitions/events including gym camps, plus the added bonus of more qualified coaches delivering multiple lessons.

The Invictus gymnasts are so eager to learn and that’s credit to the fun environment the coaches bring to the gym.”